Pinterest often takes a back seat in marketing plans to other online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or blogs but with the right strategy behind promoted pins this social platform can yield the most effective value and sales leads. Promoted pins are a great bang for your buck; when you pay for the original promoted pin you also get bonus views, clicks, and pins with each re-pin a viewer makes. Pinterest is a unique social platform and should be a part of your marketing strategy; but don’t just take our word for it.

“Pinterest has become a marketer’s goldmine. Why? Because people are pinning stuff they love, want and need. No need to create focus groups. Pinners are literally telling you what they want to buy.”

~ Anna Bennett, Pinterest Specialist,

Promoted pins are truly gold mines. Not only are they showing you what customers want and need they are also giving you market intelligence to further develop your product development and merchandising, says Bennett. The best part about promoted pins is how seamlessly they blend into a pinner’s dashboard to look like other pins they’re browsing and they last forever. Bennett recommends utilizing promoted pins because of their lifespan: unlike Facebook and Google AdWords, Pinterest promotions will last far past the date of your paid campaign. cites that advertisers can see a 30% bump in free impressions from promoted pins during a campaign and an average increase of 5% in the month after the campaign. So now that we know promoted pins are important how should you strategize for them?

Pin Strategy

“Some products are difficult to make appealing to Pinterest’s audience, so you have to find a way to make your products seem appealing to them.”

~ Ryan Shaw, Online Marketing Expert,

Promoted pins get you a lot of visibility, but the key for clicks and sales leads is to actually promote a pin that will gain traction with your audience. Shaw knows that not every product is appealing to your audience, so you’re going to have to get creative with how you package your promoted pins to really engage your viewers. Shaw cites Lowe’s as a great example of this creativity. Instead of promoting product pictures (think paint cans and slabs of tile) they create fully designed photos that link to their DIY website with instructions on how to recreate a pin with all Lowe’s inspired products (check them out here). Promoted pins should be more exciting that just a plain product, says Shaw, so get creative!

“Pinterest’s robust keyword search tool can be used as a great generator of ideas regarding subjects to promote around.”

~ Brian Honigman, Content Marketing & Social Media Consultant,

Promoted pins never die; before you publish your pins make sure to develop keywords and optimization that will serve your brand past this Pinterest campaign. Honigman suggests using Pinterest’s keyword search tool to develop ideas and subjects that have already seen search success on Pinterest. Another way to constructively create keywords is to take them from the SEO of your website and tweak them just a bit. Honigman’s #insiderchat reveals that while educational pins (think DIYs and how-to’s) get clicks sole product pins can create engagement. Either way traffic and volume to your site can be increased when you choose effective keywords and focus on optimization.

Think Long Term

“Once a campaign is on Pinterest, it lives there forever like a never-ending billboard.”

~ Ryan Pitylak,

Promoted pins longevity doesn’t have to be a double edged sword; with the right strategy your never-ending billboards can continue to bring you sales and exposure. Pitylak always recommends making sure pins lend themselves to long-term brand message. Promoted pins should achieve growth through initial behavior (sale or strong lead) and should also achieve customer engagement (repins) according to Pitylak. If you plan ahead your ‘never-ending billboard’ can create ROI past its paid campaign life.

Pinterest is an extremely effective online channel to develop brand awareness through image-driven advertising. Promoted pins are budget-friendly and have the ability to make continuous impressions past their original launch date. Because of their incredible longevity, meticulous strategy should be used to make their endless impressions memorable. We agree with the experts: Pinterest has truly become a marketing gold mine!

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