For most businesses, content marketing is relatively new. As they embark on their journey, they understand that they need a strategy and need to execute against that strategy in order to drive sustainable results. However, outside of writing blog posts and sharing them on their social media channels, they’re just not sure what else they are missing or what they could be doing to see better results.

In today’s post, we’ve got three content marketing experts from Utah based agencies who’ve shared their opinion on the most underserved areas of content marketing.

Matt Siltala – Avalaunch Media

When I consider underserved content, I can’t help but think about “data visualization done right.”  Sure, there are plenty of (so called) “infographics”, but I’m talking true data visualization—data visualization that flows and is interactive. When authors combine articles with visuals such as this one — the story becomes 100X more powerful. When I see something like this, I’ll stay on the page longer and more than likely share the graphic across multiple social networks.  People love interactives, but not many businesses are putting any out. We launched The Purriodic Table of Internet Cats a couple years ago, and to this day it continues to build links, get social shares and drive traffic—which ultimately leads to sales.  

The part that I hope you noticed so far was my mention of “authors”. If you’re not working with publishers, editors and the ones writing the articles ahead of time, helping create the visuals needed to make stories more powerful, you’re creating a lot more outreach work for yourself down the road. Take the time to build these relationships, and remember—they will not happen overnight.

Something else I see having a lot of success is short video.  Again—back to video.  Why are we still talking about video being underserved in 2016? Sure, the YouTube cat videos are awesome, but between cat and Minecraft videos, there’s still a whole lot of opportunity going begging.  Think about some of the most popular social networks right now: Instagram has allowed more time with videos; you’re seeing more and more videos pop up on Twitter; and Facebook is competing with YouTube for the top spot of videos being served per day. Create the type of video and content that is going to serve a purpose for your customers.  Answer their questions, solve their problems and give them the humor they are seeking. Stand out, figure out a way to be different, but most importantly—be consistent! If you set out to make video, don’t just put one out there and call it good. Work to a plan; a considered, designed strategy for success.  

About Matt

SitalaMatt Siltala is easily recognized for his enormous beard and friendly attitude. His presence in the Search Industry is widely known and respected by marketers far and wide. His approachable and humorous personality make him a charismatic industry leader. He is a founder and president of Avalaunch Media, a leading, cutting-edge digital marketing company based within the Silicon Slopes of Lehi, Utah.  As a frequent Search Industry speaker, Matt presents to captivated audiences, sharing his extensive, world-class marketing knowledge at the world’s biggest digital marketing conferences.

Laurel Teuscher – Stryde

One content marketing area that is underserved is taking a good inventory of the content that already exists. Most companies have content everywhere — from case studies, blog posts, infographics, videos, interviews, press releases — the list is endless! However, most people gravitate to the newest and shiniest object. Companies continue to put out more and more content that never focuses on their end goal.

When you have a list of all of the pieces of content, you can see the gaps that you need to fill. You can notice the questions that you’re not answering for your customers that need to be answered. Then you map out how you’re going to do it.

Maybe you can repurpose or refresh a blog post from two years ago that is relevant, but update it with new information or statistics. Instead of spending hours trying to gather information and pull together new research, you can spend some time making a piece of content better and more up to date.

For every piece of content, you should know why it’s going up and what value that piece holds for the customer. Otherwise, we’ll continue polluting an already overwhelmed digital landscape.

teuscherAbout Laurel

Laurel Teuscher is a digital marketing manager at Stryde. Armed with a Masters in Information Science and enmeshed in all things digital marketing and social media, she is basically a walking Google. She loves finding answers to questions and using all the tools in her arsenal to help her clients exceed their goals.

Sara Davis – Foxtail Marketing

One massively underserved area of content marketing is the strategy behind content creation. Even phenomenal marketers are guilty of this at times; we create content that’s easy or quick, or simply for the sake of knowing we need content. However, deliberate and well thought out content that your target buyer personas actually care about is critical for successful campaigns. No matter what medium of content you produce, it must be unique, and targeted. Nobody wants to read a regurgitation of other content already spattered on the web.

Understanding the basics of targeted buyer personas and what makes them tick is a basic philosophy of marketing. The deployment, on the other hand is oftentimes missed. Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, Facebook, and a wide variety of other mediums allow you to analyze your audience, and understand your customers needs. What are they responding to? What do they care about? What are they turned off by?

Building a thorough content strategy takes time. Without this piece of the puzzle, you cannot craft a content marketing strategy that captivates and invokes emotion with your audience. A thorough strategy will always produce you a higher ROI on your content marketing because it engages your audience as you designed.

DavisAbout Sara

Sara Davis is the VP of Operations at Foxtail Marketing. With over 7 years of experience helping clients of all sizes achieve their marketing goals, Sara geeks out her hardest when developing marketing systems and strategies to automate efficiency while still being agile and open to creativity.

Content marketing is the crux of any good strategy. Businesses can get better at creating good and informative content that engages their customers in new ways and continues to build the type of relationship that brings results.

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