Wondering how to spend your Friday night on November 18th? Well, wonder no more. We’ve planned your night for you. You should attend the Utah Marketing Awards!

We know what you’re thinking. You spend your whole week talking and doing marketing stuff in the office. At the end of a long workweek, is attending a work-related event how I want to start my weekend?

Yes! For one, it’s not work at all. It’s a night filled with fun, laughter, a delicious dinner and celebrating this craft we all love.

Here’s why else you and your company should participate in the Utah AMA Awards:

Get recognized for your hard work.

You’ve spent the last year working on creative campaigns to really build your organization’s brand. Don’t you want to be there when your marketing team is awarded for your dedication and successful campaigns? Maybe your boss nominated you for Marketer of the Year. Wouldn’t it be awkward to win and not be there to receive the award? With 18 award categories, you and your team could go home with multiple awards this year. There’s no greater feeling than having your work appreciated by your fellow peers. Go get recognized. You deserve it.

To submit your work for consideration, click here. The submission deadline is Thursday, November 10th.

Network with other amazing Utah marketers.

Every year the Utah Marketing Awards attracts numerous marketers from the Beehive State. It’s a great way to network face-to-face in a non-stuffy environment. Before, during or after are all the perfect time to meet and greet with attendees, create meaningful connections and strengthen relationships with marketers you already know. So bring your business cards and have your iPhone ready to connect with some cool people on LinkedIn.

Develop a closer bond with your marketing team.

Think of this event as a fun team-building activity you don’t have to plan. You just have to show up. Out of the office events offer the chance to hang out with your colleagues in a relaxed setting while everyone can still relate to the topics at hand. Developing closer connections will help your team work better together—so much so that maybe you’ll win a marketing award at next year’s UMA’s!

Give yourself and your company a social boost.

As marketers, when we attend an event, you can guarantee we’re going to post about it online and probably blog about it later. So in between networking and dinner, boost your personal and company’s brand on social media. Live Tweet the event, share the fun with your followers on Snapchat and then later that night write a blog post recapping the event and highlighting the different award winners and innovative ideas shared by the speakers.

Social media is also a great way to connect with other marketers at the event. Make sure to use the right hashtags as you’re tweeting or posting pictures on Instagram to earn some likes and new followers.

So don’t miss out on this year’s UMA Dinner from 6-8:30 p.m., at Church and State in Salt Lake City. Come spend an enjoyable evening socializing, celebrating and eating. And be sure to bring your colleagues with you.

We’ll see you there!