So, you have finally made your idea into a business. Good for you! Except, now you must grow that business — which in today’s world means hiring people to market it to the masses.

If you’re business-minded, the thought of gathering a team of people may invigorate you. However, if you’re the creative type, you might find yourself curling up in a ball in the corner of your office hoping that the business gods will shine on you and grow your idea into an empire, while you continue doing your creative thing. Either way, the fact remains that for your business to grow, you need to recruit a stellar marketing team. And good news for you, we’ve come up with 6 key people who will do just that.

1: Organizer

In order to put your brand out there, you need somebody to take charge. This person will be the one organizing events, reaching out to press and other organizations and putting together an editorial calendar — basically making order out of chaos.

Without your organizer, none of the following positions will have any direction or purpose.

  • Preferred qualifications: Degree in communications, business or related field, or equivalent years of experience. Should be comfortable leading groups of people and communicating professionally in both verbal and written forms.

2: Social media expert

A social media expert spreads your message to the online masses. This is someone who can create engaging posts that draw people in. It is someone who can write quick posts, find relative content and engage people in conversation. Your social media expert knows the do’s and dont’s of social selling, and makes it his or her job to make your company look good.

  • Preferred qualifications: Degree in marketing or related field, or equivalent years of experience. Ability to demonstrate knowledge of product and audience, and deliver quality content in an engaging and concise manner.

3: Content creators

While organizers and social media experts get the “official” word out, it is the content creators who make your brand speak. The job of these writers and bloggers is to create content that will be shared, whether it is a press release, article or blog.

  • Preferred qualifications: Experience writing business content, with examples to show;  superb written grammar; ability to follow instructions and meet deadlines.

4: Community/brand champions

Also known also as brand ambassadors, community champions do the footwork in places you may not be able to reach. For instance, if you’re selling running shoes, you want people in the running community who can talk about your shoes while out on a casual run or who can post about your shoes to their social followers.

Keep in mind, however, that the number of followers doesn’t always mean sales. While it might look good to have someone with 10,000 Instagram followers, sometimes your best community champion is someone with fewer social media followers who has more hands-on community involvement.

  • Preferred qualifications: Must have a passion for product or service, and be able to demonstrate that passion through various forms (social media, use of product, etc.).

5: Data collectors

The great thing about marketing today is that there is data everywhere. Not only that, but it’s instantaneous. Within minutes of posting a social media post, you know if your attempt to reach worked or not. The downside about all this data is that in order to better understand it, you need someone who can collect that data, and again, make order out of chaos.

  • Preferred qualifications: Degree in business or related field. Must be able to collect various forms of data and create cohesive outlines to be interpreted for decision-making purposes.

6: People who know how to market

The marketing world is always changing. And if you want your business to be up-to-date on the best marketing practices for your day, and in your area, then it is essential to be connected with those who understand the market.

Organizations like the American Marketing Association have professionals who make it their job to know the best marketing practices. By being connected with your local AMA chapter right here in Utah, your business will be best equipped to take the right steps toward recruiting the team that will grow your business.